Deco Fringe

Good morning ladies! I’m so happy with my decision joining Chloe + Isabel! I hope you’ve had time to check out my boutique. Orders can be shipped outside of the United States which is AWESOME!! Today we’re taking on the fringe trend with a touch of Deco edge! March is Customer Appreciation Month so when… Continue reading Deco Fringe


Meet Stella. She’s one year old. She’s spoiled rotten. Loves to run! Will sit outside and sunbathe all day. Loves her Kong Ball and sticks. Plays well with other animals. Very attached to her mama. Hogs the bed. Loves car rides. Shit’s in the hallway when I won’t let her in the bathroom with me.… Continue reading Stella

Chloe + Isabel

So I just joined Chloe + Isabel. I came across an ad for it on Facebook for the website and I instantly fell in love!! I wanted to share a link with you guys so you could check it out. It’s totally affordable. And not to mention it’s beautiful jewelry. Alanna’s Boutique I also want to apologize… Continue reading Chloe + Isabel